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Our Chef

Chef Gregory Galoska

Growing up, Chef Gregory Galoska’s mother would constantly be in the garden, with her son at her side. Whereas most kids had to vacuum for their chores, he was responsible for weeding a full row of potatoes. Growing up in a house with 6 children, most would expect that the fare be relatively simple in order to appease a wide audience. Gregory’s mother would have none of that however, and cooked a wide variety of foods. Some of the food that stands out in his mind are stuffed kabocha squash, salads fresh from the garden, lots of fresh herbs, her baked macaroni and cheese, and her famous garlic roast beef. It was around this food that everyone gathered and grew as a family.

It is not a surprise that later in life, he felt the call of the kitchen and moved to Montreal. Here he attended the prestigious Pearson School of Culinary Arts.

After graduating, Gregory studied under many chefs and in many settings including published chefs, extremely high-volume settings, extremely low-volume settings, and much in between, even spending some time managing the front of house. This has fostered a thirst for hand-made food with an emphasis on quality & locally sourced ingredients which can be seen in his restaurant The Spatula Diner.